How to remove sour smell from wrist watch

The wrist watch leather band absorbs the bad odor from the oils and sweat that our body produces, so after a period of time the band smells stinky.

You can try some of the methods below to remove the bad odor:

1. Make a paste of baking soda, mix the paste using water and baking soda, then scrub the band with it using an old toothbrush. After you’re done, wipe it and air dry it.

2. Soak the leather watch band in a mixture of water and vinegar for about 15 minutes, rinse and dry it.

3. Replace with a new band – If all the methods above doesn’t work, then probably you probably won’t get rid of the stench ever. Replace your leather band, it is probably cheaper this way unless you really like that watch band, you seek profession help from the shop where you bought that watch.

You can replace it with nylon band as the material doesn’t absorb oil and sweat from your skin. After you have get rid of the smell, you need to take care of it to prevent the smell getting back again.

Air dry it after you have gotten back home.