Background of Swatch

It is surprising that many people use products without having a clue as to their background. It is important to know the background of whatever you are using as this helps appreciate it even more. For those that use the expensive model of watch –swatch. It is worth nothing that Swatch comes from a company called Swatch group.

This company is based in Switzerland, where its dominant market has traditionally been. Though, it has now spread its wing to almost all corners of the world. Given that it was first launched to the market sometime in 1983, it has gained popularity quite fast.

Every company begins with an idea and Swatch was also started with an idea in early 1980 s. The idea was born by a small group of dedicated and determined people among them, Ernst Thomke. As they were trying to develop a push model of watched by making them flat.

They say “History repeats itself”. And it is no surprise that in the present day and age; we are seeing the TV and flat screen monitors all moving to flatter, thinner screens. Many of the old watch were quite bulky and thick. The idea was to introduce something unique and stylish to the market. And it did pay good dividend.

The eighties was the peak of Japanese products which came to the market with a bang. Their products were of high undisputed quality. The Japanese diversified from heavy machinery to watches like Seiko. Swatch faced stiff competition: but not only managed to stay afloat but also spread its wings.

It was a very difficult time for Swiss manufacturers as they watched the Japanese success story unfolding even on their door steps, as the Japanese dominated almost all market. The Swatch Company was also gaining market ground and giving the Japanese a run for their money.

The Swatch watches played a significant role in putting Switzerland on the top list of major economic players in wristwatches worldwide. This was achieved by them improving on their quality materials. They effectively managed to drastically reduce the components used by more than forty percent.

The reduction of components did not compromise the overall quality but was additional an effective cost reduction tool. This Made it more affordable to the customers; and also much easier to ship around the world as they were less bulky. Given that transportation cost can at times form a significant part of the cost which may not add value to the end product.

There was a growing demand for watches that were fancy in looks and at an affordable cost. Swatch did not disappoint and managed to rise to the occasion, by offering what customers needed. Hitting the market with a storm; the high quality stylish Swiss watches that were designed with a lot of ingenuity, truly shifted the market balance back to the favor of the Swiss.

Seeing is believing; hearing is deceiving. For those that may have doubts on the quality of the Swiss watches which has improved significantly since the launch in 1983. You need to buy one and experience what it feels like been part of the Swatch group as they enjoy over 27 years of business success.

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